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Turquoise Sky

The Portal

We called our retreat " The Portal" because we want to create an experience that's out of time and space, a liminal breath between now and then, to reflect, ground and create.

We will pace our time together in 3 parts: 

1- Investigate, heal and learn from the past, 

2- Center, ground and relax into the present,

3- Dream, plan and create the future.

Everything in this experience will be curated with each attendant's specific needs and abilities in mind, with the intention to offer 6 days of rest, beauty, embodiment, self reflection and joyful fun in one of the world's most exquisite settings.

Every morning will start with a yoga/breathwork/meditation session led by Sara G.

Sara's style is nothing like you've experienced before. Her classes are unique, accessible and deeply transformative. We will commence each day by connecting to our breath, clearing our heads and tapping into embodied energy. 

Kundalini is nothing short of magic: the asanas (poses), mantras, mudras (hand poses), and pranayama (breath work) really put you in a state of heightened consciousness and raise your overall energy. This will allow us to to establish a deep frequency shift on witch to build upon for the time of the retreat, and hopefully throughout the year,

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In the afternoon astrology sessions, Sarah will work with your unique birth chart to help you unlock its secret code. Your birth chart is your cosmic blueprint and holds information about your timing, your phases, your tools and your challenges,

We will be investigating your past, your present and your future through the lens of the planetary cycles by looking at when and how they are expressed in your chart.

Each session will give an opportunity for deep reflection, connection with parts of yourself you may have yet to investigate and liberate. 

You will leave the portal with a clear ideas of the energies at play in your chart at the moment, how to best welcome them, and how to tap into your personal timing for powerful and transformative manifestation of your dream world.

Between these sessions there will be plenty of time to enjoy a lot of other activities such as:




Cacao Ceremony



Beach Party

Dance Party

Sleeping on a hammock on the beach


Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 2.14.10 PM.png

Surf and Kayak

Vegan food dish_edited_edited.jpg

Healthy, yummy local food 

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 3.55.41 PM.png

Sunrise and Sunset walks


Environment discovery

Beach Party



Hope to see you there!
Sara and Sarah

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