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Who we are: The Sara(h)'s

Sara Gallagher Bloom

Sara is a studio owner, a community leader, a mother, a yoga, meditation teacher and a spiritual guide. She is certified in Katonah and Kundalini Yoga, and has mentored countless new yoga teachers, and led workshops for so many styles of practice around the globe.

She is the owner of Morpho Bleu, a popular studio in Montreal. Her yoga journey began with hot yoga, but it was meditation that saved her, when she found herself in a brush with death from a tenacious case of Lyme disease.

Meditative practices and breathwork led her back to herself and helped her find grounding in her body and mind as she healed.

Her mission is to help lead you back to yourself, your life purpose and greater vision, your breath, and your body through yoga and meditation practices, no matter where you are on your journey.

More on Sara here

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Sarah L'Hrar

Sarah is a consulting and teaching astrologer, who specializes in humanistic and psychological astrology. She lives in Montreal with her 4 sons and her husband. Her nickname "Astro Auntie" was coined by her students and clients as a nod to her supportive, compassionate and straight-forward relating style.

In her sessions, she uses astrology as a cosmic map pointing her clients towards their most soulful expression, a renewed sense of possibility and personal liberation.

Her practice is deeply rooted in integrity, compassion and ethics and she uses evidence-based models, methods and tools to help her clients with their personal and relational health.

Embodiment is a central pillar of her practice, and she's been using dance and somatic movement as a way to channel, create and release energy all her life.

More on Sarah here:

The Sara(h)'s

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